Presentation of £2000 to charity

Photograph courtesy of Lottie (View from Bridport)

Photograph courtesy of Lottie Welch (View from Bridport)

This year the Bridport Hat Festival has given the charities Brain Tumour Research and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) £1000 each, which was presented  at the Ropemakers on Wednesday September 21st.

We would like to thank all those who have helped once again to make this year’s hat festival successful. Despite the rain later in the day, the good people of Bridport turned out and provided a great display of weird and innovative headgear. We managed to get the majority of our proceedings transacted with the mass photo and the fun prizes all awarded before the rain fell down.

Serena Dyer and Leigh Carrigan of BIRT received the cheque on behalf of their charity.

Serena said: “We are delighted to be supported by the Bridport Hat Festival this year and are overwhelmed by the generous donation of £1,000. The hat festival, as always, is an amazing event to be a part of and we always enjoy seeing the hats on display! Donated money helps us to provide those extra facilities and activities that allow our service users to try something different and achieve something they didn’t think possible as first – an invaluable rehabilitation experience – Thank you to Bridport Hat Festival!”

Hugh Adams of Brain Tumour Research was unfortunately unable to attend but sent the committee a message:

Hugh said: “The Bridport Hat Festival has been and will continue to be an important calendar date for Brain Tumour Research. Each year we have been hugely grateful to the committee for supporting our charity and helping us raise awareness of Wear A Hat Day – a fundraising day for the charity. I have been visiting now for five, or is it six, years and really love the fun, optimism and can-do attitude the whole event personifies. Your ability to attract serious milliners, do it yourself locals and curious grockles is a credit to your imagination and planning skills. Thank you again and I really hope to be with you all in 2017.”

You can see Lottie’s report by clicking here

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