2016 Raffle Prize Donors – a big thank you!

Charities supported by the Hat Festival in 2015:
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We would like to thank the following local businesses who have generously donated prizes for our 2016 raffles:

Bridport PC Repair, Bridport Yarn, Chocolatiers Café, Frampton’s Butchers, Greig & Allen, Instant Redress, Judith’s, Natural Life, Pampered Nails, Rawles Butchers, Red Plum Gallery, The Music Shop & The Ropemakers.

This list will no doubt increase by HatFest day – but please do let us know if  you would like to become a prize donor – it really does help us to raise money for hat and thus head, related charities. Last year we raised  a total of £3030.   In previous years we have supported Brain Tumour Research – which supports research into this terrible disease and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust – which aids people suffering from trauma. In 2015 we also donated to two charities that support Mental Health: Mencap & the Alzheimer’s Society.

The costs of the festival are met by donations from our sponsors, from the proceeds of the Hat Auction and from such activities as raffles and selling Hat Festival bags, T Shirts and Badges. Any money made is added to the collections made on the day, and given to charity. We look forward to 2016’s festival and hope that again we will be able to show the incredible generosity of the Mad Hatters of Bridport!

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