The Hat Amnesty is declared!


The 2015 Bridport Hat Festival committee are seen here whilst choosing their latest festival headwear. To ensure that all people attending the festivities on 5th September are properly attired they have declared an amnesty for all those unwanted and negected hats that some of us are inadvertently mistreating by preventing them being seen in their natural environment – on someones’ head!

Such cruelty is not to be tolerated! So bring in those brow beaten bowlers; toss in those tatty titfers and fling in those feisty fedoras to the Hat Shop in West Street where they will be sympathetically dealt with before being prepared for rehoming and a new life on a worthy recipients head! This will, of course involve bidding a small amount at the Hat Auction to be held at the Bridport & West Dorset Club in South Street at 8pm on Thursday 3rd September. The auction will be conducted by Bridport’s very own Jim Rowe and the proceeds are donated to our charities ‘Brain Tumour Research & The ‘Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust’.

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