Bridport Ceilidhs – ‘for the fun of it!’


7.30-11pm on Hat Festival day in Church House Hall, South Street with ‘The Chris Toyne “Big Hats” Band’ and caller Steve “Flat Cap” Cunio.

The aim of Bridport Ceilidhs is to attract experienced, keen and enthusiastic dancers with good local bands and callers, as well as to welcome all and everybody, whether experienced or not, single or partnered, and of any age.  Non-dancers are welcome as well, the bands being well worth listening too in their own right. All dances are ‘walked and talked’ through at the start, and called throughout, and the less experienced will have plenty of help from our regulars.

The name ceilidh (pronounced kaylee), whilst Gaelic in origin and originally being an Irish or Scottish event comprising a mix of music, song, dance and ‘craic’, is now well established in the English folk dance / festival world for a dance event that’s a bit more lively and challenging than your average barn-dance. But, what’s in a word? – we are more than happy for you to come along to our barn dance, folk dance, English country dance, or whatever terminology suits you – as long as you come, enjoy yourselves – and come again!

To visit the Bridport Ceilidh website click here!

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