2012 Third Prize ‘Silk Frog Hat’ by Elizabeth Hurst

My blocked silk frog hat has been inspired by Monet’s water lily garden paintings, especially the repeated design of the free hand machine embroidery on the veiling.  This moves around freely and can change its appearance making it look mysterious and nebulous like the atmosphere evoked in the paintings.  A handcrafted silk dupion frog sits on the sandwashed silk foundation base of the hat, which is a water lily leaf with shaping at the centre back, making this an art to wear 3D sculpture.  Beads used to make swivel eyes can be turned.  They change in different lights and tiny seed beads depict water drops.  To go along with Monet’s medium, paint has been added to highlight the frog’s beauty and to cover the petal porcelain water lily flower to give a realistic look.  Embroidery has been used to enhance the frog.  Green is my favourite colour and goes well with most other colours, as well as being abundant in nature.  Frogs are a favourite theme of mine, so why not create a frog hat!

Since 2011 I have been an Associate Member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and I live in Oxford city. After finishing a BA in Fashion Design and noticing that hats are back in fashion my interest in the subject has been rekindled with excitement.

Third Prize £125 sponsored by Mr John Lang, Ontario, Canada 

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